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The Myths About Debt Management

debtThere are several myths about debt that I grew up with.

One was that debt was necessary to get things that you need in life. The other is that only rich people can be debt free. I heard those lines from family members and business owners so often they became ingrained in my mind and I believed them. It took most of my adult life (so far) to learn that they are just that, myths. They were nothing more than myths.

But, these myths were so ingrained that I expected to have debt and since I expected it, it happened. But eventually, I learned that most debt was not helping me and my family. Debt was keeping us broke and keeping us from enjoying the good things in life. It was also the driving force keeping me in the work force long after I wanted to retire. I was a slave to the creditors because I didn't have a good handle on managing money and debt. ...continue reading "Debt Reduction – A Must For Retirement"