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Home Business Ideas

How much money do I need to retire?

retirementaheadNo matter why we look for ways to make more money in retirement, it is always  necessary to research all the options and find something that works, that is sustainable and that we enjoy doing.  

Home Business Ideas

How much money to start a business?  This might be the second question that we have to ask.  One great resource for home based business is  This website has information on business ideas that can be started for under $500 and how-to guides on a whole lot more.  Most of these are physical business models that do not require much labor on your part and can be a true home based business.  The Small Business Administration also has a lot of information on business start up costs.

For many of us, starting a business that generates income is a worthwhile pursuit that gives us the freedom to follow our dreams, work as much as we want and make business decisions based on our own desires.  

But, if you are looking for something that will generate consistent income without much labor after start-up then you might turn to the internet for ideas and online business models.

Online Home Business Ideas!

There are hundreds of internet business models. But Nothing happens overnight and anything worthwhile takes time.  If you decide to use the internet to make money, DO NOT believe the overnight get rich stories.  Every overnight success I have researched only happens after months, sometimes years, of hard work!

Here are some useful resources that cost very little money.

Internet Business Basics

A 19 page special report for anyone wanting an internet business. This report costs you absolutely nothing.  It's FREE.  But it is the best one I have found that details what is needed to make an online business.

CLICK HERE to get more information and download this report.



Affiliate marketing, like you see on this website presents another opportunity to make a few extra dollars. Do an internet search for affiliate marketing for seniors to find other good resources for online business and get ideas for a home based business!