Politics As Usual

I don’t usually feel the need to write about politics, but I’ve become more disgusted than usual by the amount of hateful rhetoric and disinformation coming out of our representatives in Congress.

We always hope our elected representatives have the best interests at heart and work together to solve problems, but that’s not always the case.  And, it’s not a new problem.  History shows us that there’s been discord, corruption and cronyism as long as there’s been politics.

I do wonder why so many of our elected representatives (of both parties) seem to hate the idea of our country being governed by the people for the people. Our politicians can’t seem to get together on issues that will benefit our country.  The biggest difference I’ve seen in Washington D.C. is the level of hate directed at President Trump.

Some Democrats such as Representative Maxine Waters have given up trying to explain what they’re for and are spending most of their time telling us what they’re against.  And they’re always against a President Trump.

Representative Waters has said that “they” are working every day to expose criminal wrong doing by the Trump administration. Really, after more than a year of investigation, I believe that she is looking in the wrong direction. There’s been plenty of documented proof of some (maybe criminal) wrong doing by people in the last administration. Hate for President Trump is driving her party’s agenda and there’s no room for anything else.

Some Democrat representatives have been calling for impeachment and using every delay tactic available since inauguration day trying to find some justification for their opposition. A lot of Republicans were not overly fond of President Obama and there was some opposition and delaying by Republican representatives but they didn’t spend their time looking for criminal wrong doing or filing articles of impeachment.

Mr. Trump wasn’t supposed to be president and the Democratic leadership and liberal media believe they have a duty to remove him by any means.

We have a duly elected president and it’s time for our elected representatives of both parties and the main stream media to show some respect for the person holding that office, start making hard decisions and working for the American people.

Some members of both parties have replaced a code of ethics with the rigid logic of winning or losing. Party or constituents have become more important than our country. Neither party is actually willing to work with the other and factions within each party are not willing to negotiate. Actions always speak louder than words and lately, actions have been screaming.

I’m certain that most Americans are as tired of the hate and political partisanship as I am. We want to see and hear our elected representatives in Washington and our states condemn the violent protests and hateful rhetoric that erodes our first amendment rights and continues to drive a wedge between people who have opposing views.

It’s time to rebuild America for Americans and regain the respect for each other that we’ve been losing over the past several administrations. Everyone can’t get everything they want, but we can go a long way toward getting something for everyone. We can start by listening to each other and talking rather than shouting.